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Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Feature


Shahzil Amin, founder and CEO of Blue Track Media, a Philadelphia online-marketing company, was eager to meet Nihal Mehta, an entrepreneur and investor in mobile technology. “I genuinely wanted his advice on how I could get to his level,” Mr. Amin said. He knew Mr. Mehta was active on Twitter, so his first contact was a tweet asking him for his contact information.

Mr. Mehta, founding general partner of Eniac Ventures, in New York, said Mr. Amin’s Twitter profile interested him, and he gave Mr. Amin his email address. “Reaching out on Twitter cold embodies hustle, which I admire,” Mr. Mehta said. Mr. Amin wrote explaining that he’d founded his company at age 18, asking for Mr. Mehta’s advice and offering to reciprocate by doing work for him or helping him in any way he could. The two have been meeting quarterly for several years to discuss business, says Mr. Amin, who is now also a managing partner at Karlani Capital, a Philadelphia investment firm that bought Blue Track Media in 2014. Mr. Mehta says, “I’ve learned a ton and watched Shaz grow and blossom.”

Entrepreneur Shaz Amin emailed investor Nihal Mehta to ask for his advice, adding, “I would be very humbled if you decided to give me a chance to prove that I can be an asset to you in some way.” Mr. Mehta says advising young entrepreneurs “is mostly a two-way street,” allowing him to learn about their products and markets.PHOTOS: SKYLER FIKE; MARINA PIEDADE

Shahzil Amin: Inspiring Entrepreneurs one Venture at a Time –

usually don’t post about articles, but was very satisfied by how this one turned out: Shahzil Amin: Inspiring Entrepreneurs one Venture at a Time By Priya Kaur @pripri619 | November 22, 2014 6:09 AM | comment Tags: Business, entrepreneurs, Indian American entrepreneurs, media, tech Shahzil Amin, a 25-year-old inspirational, young South Asian entrepreneur, started […]

Shahzil Amin – Graduating From The School of Hard Knocks (Video)

On May 2014 I was very honored and humbled to be given the opportunity to speak to a group of amazing teenagers about my story in Atlanta, Georgia. The event was called RE:Ignite 2014 and the topic was about diversity. After struggling to figure out how I could tie my story to this topic, I finally decided to speak about all the diverse experiences I faced early on in my life that have defined me and my journey. I can honestly say that this event was one of the highlights of my year and I had an incredible time taking multiple “selfies” with my all of my new friends.

Below is the YouTube link for the video and the SlideShare link for the slideshow that was in the background. The first 1:32 of the video is blurred out of respect for the privacy of the students. Feedback is highly appreciated so I can continue improving my public speaking skills. I am my biggest critic and have already broken down all my mistakes and miscues; however I’d love to hear from a different point of view. Thank you.

(Click Settings icon and choose 1080p for HD video)


p.s. Special thanks to Imran Virani for video editing assistance.